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Our leadership and soft skills training library has over 300 book summaries. The best ideas from the world’s top experts in 12 minutes or less. With highlights of the leaders in business and personal growth!

We summarize the world’s most important and popular business books into 12 minute videos, audios, and text, so that you never miss another big idea again. Our members say that our summaries are by far the best on the market.

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Group Mastermind
  • Live group book summary discussions. Where we learn simple strategies to drive business growth.
  • Discussions on a simple path to increase profits
  • Learn how to automate your business processes
  • A simplified system to launch and manage your marketing
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A Free One-On-One Coaching Session

A free coaching session where we identify your specific barriers to growing your business to the next level. We also create a blueprint to overcoming those barriers and seeing new levels of growth and profit!

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